Death Valley literature

During the meeting, several useful literature surfaced relevant to Death Valley survey work and now are gathered here:

  • The Death Valley Survey, part of a series on North American Biological Survey, 1917 (Online BHL) (PDF in Box)
    • includes chapters on Birds (by AK Fisher),  Amphibians and Reptiles (L Stejneger), Fish (CH Gilbert),Insects (CV Riley), Mollusks (REC Stearns), Desert Trees and Shrubs (CH Merriam), Desert Cactus and Yuccas (CH Merriam), and List of Localities (TS Palmer)
    • a large foldout map is not included in this scan but we will work on scanning  or finding it.
    • The MVZ has a fragile original copy (thanks to David Wake for pointing it out to us!)
  • CH Merriam’s edited notes on the Death Valley expedition. Jim Patton arranged to have these scanned and are available now. (PDF in Box)
  • Another gem from David Wake: Joseph Grinnell’s Thanksgiving menu and recipes! (Spotted in Gold Rush Grub)

Other reprints will be posted in the shared project Box folder.